(Above) My final design for my personal portfolio. 
(Below) Original packaging
Trybees is company producing honey in Aberdeen. Due to the company being ran by independently, the company is highly sustainable and eco friendly. The honey felt and tasted like a premium product, and I wanted to reflect this within my design choices.

I took much inspiration from Japanese gift packaging design - which often featured simplistic colour palettes, effective typography and controlled illustrations. 
One unique part of my design is the cut out - This allowed the product to be seen clearly. As this was such a large part of the design, I found that a simple pattern accompanied it better than an illustration. 
The owner of Trybees like elements of my final design however had some other preferences. I decided to make two designs - this second one (below) is a version for the owner which I took on site and photographed. It was a positive experience to go on site and interact with the product and the bees. 
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